Two Rooms

July–December 2023

The city is an ecosystem where nature and man coexist. The latter dwells on a geological foundation that has been millions of years in the making, and the present as we know it fits into a point on the geological scale that is difficult to see. It is not only humans, but also animals and plants, that are the inahbitants of this foundation. In the city other species are just as important as humans. The two rooms present this duality of the city – its terrain and its inhabitants.

What happened in Vilnius before people settled there? Which way did the city’s rivers flow? What can the Gariūnai tell us about the city’s history that spans tens of thousands of years? How does the development of a city depend on geological structures? What does the terrain of Vilnius look like without plants, inhabitants and man-made infrastructure? The answers to all these questions will be available in on of the Two Rooms.

The second room will present Vilnius’ plants, animals and people – their population, migration, the emergence of new species and the disappearance of the old ones.

Photo by Vilnius Museum