Reading Room–Bookshop–Café

The Vilnius Museum aims to be an appealing recreational space, and offers residents and visitors an easy way to get to know about various aspects of life in the capital. You are welcome to drop in, not just to see exhibitions and participate in events, but to have a cup of coffee, meet friends, and pore over a book about Vilnius.
Curious visitors can browse through the well-stocked Vilniana Reading Room in the museum’s café. Here they will find various kinds of Vilnius-related reading material, from books of photography by Jan Bułhak to comics about the city, or books with plenty of suggestions for tourists. The reading room is open to everyone who wants to learn more about the city!
The baristas of the Backstage Café, which greets visitors as they enter the museum, make the best coffee in all the town! Having started out in business several years ago, the Backstage coffee roasters have earned a place in the hearts of the capital’s coffee lovers. Opening its doors to the public at the same time as the museum, the new Backstage Café will offer more than just a good cup of coffee: visitors will be able to try various deserts, buy roasted coffee beans, get a bite to eat, or drop in at weekends for brunch with friends.

Books about the capital and souvenirs of the museum are also available for sale in the museum café. Books that are available for purchase are marked with bright yellow stickers.

Photo by Gintaras Janavičius