From a Butcher’s Shop to a Museum: The History of a House

26 03 2021 – 27 06 2021

When we received the keys to the building on the corner of Vokiečių Street and Mėsinių Street in the summer of 2020, we knew nothing about it. As we were carrying out research for a future exhibition, we spoke to friends of the museum and residents of the building, and reconstructed the history of one out of a thousand buildings in the Old Town of Vilnius, a history that turned out to be extremely colourful.
By telling the story of its new home, the Vilnius Museum is putting down roots, and invites visitors to deepen their acquaintance with Vilnius through the story of the 480-square-metre space it now occupies.

Family archive of Valentinas and Algė Gyliai. Photo taken by Mečys Brazaitis