Collect. Preserve. Disclose. The Museum Detective

January–June 2024

The most valuable exhibits in the collection of the Vilnius City Museum are those that tell stories. Objects can tell the stories not only about their owner, but also about the entire city. It often happens that at first sight non-special object that came to the museum opens a portal to the different stages of city life and breathtaking stories of forgotten people.

The desire to acquaint museum visitors with the intricacies of museum life was also motivated by the fact that statistically only 2% of large museums collections see the lights of exhibitions, the rest remain safely locked in a storage. In this exhibition, we will not only present the collection of the Vilnius City Museum, but also reveal the unexpected stories of the exhibits appearance in the museum and the peculiarities of the formation of the new museum collection.

Exhibition opening – 26th of January

Vlada Vaitkevičienė with her son Rimantas near the Lourdes/mythological stone, photographer unknown, circa 1955, digital exhibit. Vilnius Museum