Unrealised Projects of Twentieth-Century Vilnius

July to November 2021

The history of a city can be uncovered not just by walking along its streets, and not just by leafing through the pages of photography books, or books which show archaeological reconstructions of its past, but by taking a look at unrealised urban development projects: proposals for urban planning and architecture that were intended for architectural tenders, but never made it past the drawing board.
These utopian projects, which were rejected for economic, ideological or aesthetic reasons, and were fated to gather dust in archives, are a fascinating reflection of the intentions of both the commissioning bodies and the architects in developing the urban space in one direction or another. The ideas offer a very vivid and intriguing picture of the zeitgeist and the realities of their time.
It is interesting to imagine how the face of the city might have changed if these projects had been realised, and to speculate on why they were rejected.

Lithuanian Central State Archives